Register your pipeline

Now we will register your newly created pipeline configuration with Gofer!

More CLI to the rescue

From your terminal, lets use the Gofer binary to run the following command, pointing Gofer at your newly created pipeline folder:

gofer up ./tmp/simple_pipeline

Examine created pipeline

It's that easy!

The Gofer command line application uses your local Golang compiler to compile, parse, and upload your pipeline configuration to Gofer.

You should have received a success message and some suggested commands:

 ✓ Created pipeline: [simple] "Simple Pipeline"

  View details of your new pipeline: gofer pipeline get simple
  Start a new run: gofer run start simple

We can view the details of our new pipeline by running:

gofer pipeline get simple

If you ever forget your pipeline ID you can list all pipelines that you own by using:

gofer pipeline list