• Pipeline: A pipeline is a collection of tasks that can be run at once. Pipelines can be defined via a pipeline configuration file. Once you have a pipeline config file you can create a new pipeline via the CLI (recommended) or API.

  • Run: A run is a single execution of a pipeline. A run can be started automatically via extensions or manually via the API or CLI

  • Extension: A extension allow for the extension of pipeline functionality. Extension start-up with Gofer as long running docker containers and pipelines can subscribe to them to have additional functionality.

  • Task: A task is the lowest unit in Gofer. It is a small abstraction over running a single container. Through tasks you can define what container you want to run, when to run it in relation to other containers, and what variables/secrets those containers should use.

  • Task Run: A task run is an execution of a single task container. Referencing a specific task run is how you can examine the results, logs, and details of one of your tasks.